Tafel Radler is the Refreshing Fusion of ice cold lager and fresh fruity flavour. You’ll love this perfect pairing of familiar beer flavours and lively zesty zings. Not too bitter, not too sweet, and ideal to refresh the vibe when you’re chilling with friends.

Tafel Radler
Fashion Fusion.

Fusion is about bringing two great things together and making something new, exciting and totally refreshing. To refresh local fashion, we let ordinary Namibians collaborate with local designer, Leah Misika to make exciting, custom apparel. 

Our Story.

Bringing you Refreshing Fusion since 2018! The journey to a world of refreshment was pioneered by Tafel Radler Lemon and the moment lager met lemon – a world of Refreshing Fusion was born.

In 2019 another Refreshing Fusion emerged – Tafel Radler Grapefruit. The ultimate refreshment to satisfy your thirst for the new.

In a world of Refreshing Fusion you can create new experiences that bring different people, places and talents together to refresh your perspective and have a good time.


Tafel with a twist.
We bring you ice cold lager with thirst-quenching, fruity flavour so you can feel totally fresh (available with lemon or grapefruit).


Tafel Radler

The Refreshing Fusion of Tafel Lager and tart grapefruit.


Tafel Radler

The Refreshing Fusion of Tafel Lager and zesty lemon.

A hit of flavour

Experience the


No long chill is complete without Tafel Radler. Come as you are, go with the flow and blend seamlessly into any environment with Tafel Radler by your side. Making sure you feel fresh when you hang out with friends in a world of fusion.